Gratitude: Being Present

From what I can tell, dogs live in the moment (we live with four of them, so I’ve had some time to observe them).  

Why is living in the moment, being present, something that we humans find so difficult?  Why are we bound up in thoughts about yesterday and tomorrow when the only reality is the here and now?



I took this image yesterday out of our kitchen window.  The light was beautiful.  I’m no great shakes photographer but I wanted to capture the colour of the leaves and the stillness in that one moment in time.

Life rushes past in a blur.  At times we’re so caught up in the business of it all that we neglect to just stop, breathe and be grateful for that one moment, that one breathe, the ability to feel alive in the present.  Does it really matter if you don’t meet the deadline/clean the house/run that errand/pay that bill?  Will the world stop spinning if you take time out to just be still and appreciate everything that is in your life at that one moment?

I’ve just read a blog post by Shannon Paige.  Her story is pure inspiration but it’s also another lesson in being present and grateful for every blessing you have in your life.  I wrote in my last blog about depression, my depression.  One of the many lessons I learnt from that experience – and the ongoing journey – is to take a moment every day to be mindfully present and grateful.

It’s easy to say when you’re in a good place but if you are able to draw breath then you have something to be grateful for.  Regardless of how desperate the situation, how deep the hole, if you’re able to take in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, then there is something to be grateful for.

Be present.  Try it.  Just once.  Sit – or stand – wherever you are and listen to your breath.  Hear the world around you.  Feel the air on your skin.  See what’s happening inside you as an observer and be grateful for the genius that is your body.  Experience the thoughts, feel the emotions as an observer.  Be present with them.

A moment of stillness, of being present, will create space for an entirely new perspective.  It may open doors of opportunity you never knew existed.  Life is tenuous.  None of us knows when this life’s light will be extinguished.  Slowing down, being present and grateful will allow a sense of joy to enter where before there was only chaos.  

You never know what spark of pure genius will come bubbling to the surface with the joy!

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