Life’s lessons

kohekohe blossom

From the barest trunk the kohekohe sprouts exquisite blooms.

It’s been a long while since I posted here and there’s been a lot of learning in the interim.  It’s ongoing of course but here’s a taste of what’s gone down…

I’ve learnt that there’s no such thing as doing yoga – you live it.

I’ve learnt that I can break the chains of destructive behaviours – and have.

I’ve learnt that grief is a funny old thing and it can derail you for a while – but experiencing it means you love wholly and openly.

I’ve learnt that there’s so much more to learn from outside resources but even more to discover within.

And finally, I’ve learnt that sharing my experiences and the tools I’ve used in my journey thus far is exactly what my life’s purpose is.

So that’s a fairly useful list for the last six months or more.  There have been some mighty shifts.  Over the course of the next few blog posts I’ll explore my learnings a little more and share them with you in the hope there might be something useful to your life.

Stay tuned.


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