If you scatter thorns, don’t go barefoot

Scattering thornsI read this on My Life Coach Sparkles while searching for inspirational quotes to pin – as you do.  It sounded very much like the title to a blog post!

I’ve just spent the most amazing few hours with an inspiring young woman and her mother.  You can read about Nasie’s medical journey on her Facebook page and the insightful, courageous and soulful young woman who has emerged and continues to heal and grow.

Her more recent comments reflect a spirit that is wise well beyond her current years, not surprising considering her experiences.

During our conversation today I mentioned the concept that we invite into our lives the experiences that we have.  Bold statement; particularly when you consider what Nasie and her mum have been through.

The yogic philosophy – and others – holds that we have many lifetimes and our karma is to continue to repeat experiences in a variety of guises until we master the learning within.  In turn this means that we invite all experience into our life as a journey to understanding and eventually, changing our karma and evolving as living beings.

Now hang on a minute, I hear you say.  What a load of bollocks.  So you don’t believe in this many lives crap! Fine.  Let’s look at it from a pragmatic point of view…

If the same things keep happening in your life over and over, you repeat the same ‘mistakes’ and experience the same hurt again and again, is it not possible that maybe there’s a lesson in there somewhere and you might just need to take notice of it if you’re ever going to get out of the rut?

That’s all well in good, but how does that relate to actually inviting it into our lives, and particularly when it comes to something like a life-threatening illness?

Big stuff, small stuff, it doesn’t make any difference.  In the end we inevitably pull into our realm of experience that which we need to learn or know.  Call it karma, call it manifestation, call it whatever the hell you like – whether it’s something supposedly small or in your face momentous; they’re all life-changing experiences and we do indeed invite them in.

We choose these experiences like we choose the colour socks we’re going to wear.

I have a very dear friend who repeatedly said, out loud, to anyone who would listen; the universe is always shitting on me.  Well, it did.  He kept asking for it and it kept on hailing down on him.  One crisis after another until finally his physical body had enough and the toxic sludge resulted in cancer.

Blessing?  Hell yes.  It changed his life.  It changed his whole perspective and now there’s love and abundance where before there was what he saw as a bucket-load of unholy crap.

Now darling Nasie sure as hell didn’t consciously ask for a life-threatening illness but something inside her did.  She was born with it.  Interesting karma to bring into this life and learn from it she has.

She’s learnt that she has courage and tenacity.  She’s one determined young woman.  She knows what true love is – her mother fought tooth and nail for her, as only one who was completely committed could.  She’s still fighting for her.

Strength – man I’ve never seen so much strength in someone so young.  Insight and wisdom by the truck load.  Humility, compassion – she fair oozes every trait that we strive for as humans.

Her journey has been a tough one and it will continue to be one big learning curve for both her and her mum but at the end of it all there are a couple more people in the world who have something very special to give because they’ve been to hell and back.  And they embrace it.

So when you scatter thorns – the hard lessons and experiences of life – it’s probably a damn fine idea to remember to put on your shoes.  Be they hobnail boots or ballet slippers, it’s a damn site easier to navigate your way through the tough lessons if you’re prepared to use the protection – and tools – you have inside you.

One response to “If you scatter thorns, don’t go barefoot

  1. What lovely words, you made me cry! I have known Nasie since she was very young; her Mum & I were best friends at school & went to uni together as well. Not truer words spoken about Nasie, her & her family have had a tough road but every time I read her up- dates they always have a positive ring to them even on her dark days xxx Really nice to read your blog

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