Final word

This will likely be my last post in Santosha Life Coach.  For those who have been following me I thank you for your support and encouragement but my plans for coaching have morphed and I’m letting my santosha life coach url go.

The past year has been about letting go.  I’m not sure where life is heading at present and that’s something I quite like.  Not being in control – or, more accurately, releasing the impotent attempts to control that which has a will of its own.  Life.

It’s been months since I last posted and that’s due to a whole lot of factors.  Old habits kicked in while I was distracted by physical and emotional pain; they slunk in the back way having shrugged off the dirt under which I’d buried them.  Seems it proved fertile ground rather than a final resting place.

A bit vague maybe.  To be more succinct: wrecked my back (incredible on-going physical pain) plus a lot of death over a few years – culminating in the loss of one of our beloved dogs (the one in my profile pic actually) – and I fell back into the old habits of avoidance stuffed down with food.  Thought I’d worked on those responses – obviously more work was needed!

So this post is an end and a beginning.  It’s the end of my rambling here and what’s been a pretty trying time in my life.  Another one.  It’s the beginning of a new age; a time where I take the lessons learnt and move forward so that with luck, next time I experience pain in any form, I’ll have a better handle on it.

There is a book (or three) in the pipeline and that, along with developing our property, is where my focus will lie for now.  Another blog might pop up as part of the process – I’ve not decided yet.  I’m waiting to see what the universe throws at me now that the door is open and I’m ushering in greater joy.

Living again.  Fully. Joyfully.


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